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Vi læser mange selvudvilingsbøger her er et udsnit :
Forfatter Titel
Les Gibling The Art of dealing with people
Les Gibling Skill with people
Allan Pease Questions are the Answers
Anthony C. Sciré The power of 2
Florence Littauer Personality plus
Anne Whiting Are you fired up?
Larry DiAngi The resilient power of purpose
Thomas J Stanley, PhD The Millionaire mind
Dale Carnegie How to stop worrying and start living
Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people
Burke Hedges Read & grow rich
Jolio Melara It only takes everything you've got!
John C. Maxwell The 21 indispensable qualities of a leader
Jay Rifenbary No excuse! I'm doing it
Bill Wayne The power of talking out loud to yourself
John Fuhrman Are you living your dream
Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich dad poor dad
David J Schwartz PhD The magic of thinking Big
Paul JMeyer Become the coach you were meant to be
John Fuhrman If they say no just say NEXT
Shad Helmsetter What to say when you talk to yourself
Bill Quain, PhD Pro-sumer Power!
Johnny Schultz Suzanne Hird Politikens bog om Stress
Torben Weise Bryd vanen og nå dine mål
Sofial Manning Coaching
Judith Orloff Positiv Energi
Stephen R Corvey 7 gode vaner
Thomas Milsted Stress grig chancen for et bedre (arbejds)liv